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Let the beauty we love be what we do


In 2012 I switched over from editorial, PR and third sector work to focus on shooting weddings. This aligned with my preferred practice of ‘photographing human beings doing what they love’, along with a family friendlier schedule and renumeration. Although an honour (and a blast) to participate so fully in the celebration of human connection, nothing continues to give me more joy than spending time with and documenting humans honouring their connection to the earth. From occupying an open cast coal mine to creatively disrupting art spaces with molasses or just simply finding peace from trauma within the beauty of nature, photographing these brave and beautiful humans nourishes my soul and keeps my hope for our collective future alive and burning bright.

‘Girl, you gotta get a job’   Beth Ditto

Shall we properly introduce ourselves?

Surprise surprise, it turns out that I so rarely get photographed that this is the most passable recent picture that I appear in.

This is me

Australian by birth, Londoner by heart. Currently residing in Vancouver, BC. Greenpeace wifey and mother to the coolest kid on the block. I love photographing humans engaging in all the interesting and inspiring undertakings, and my goal is to get deeper into climate justice and communication work, both with my camera and beyond it.

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