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Covering a shift for Archant papers and who should decide to visit Trinity Buoy Wharf but HRH Prince Charles.  Here he is popping into The Driftwood Cafe for a chat with the proprietress Amanda Shadbolt.  She makes a very fine chocolate cake, so fine that Charlie took a slice home for his missus.

It was an interesting afternoon, I came away thinking that he didn’t seem like a bad old chap, coming across as genuinely interested and engaged with the people he met and projects he visited.  However, it turns out being able to take pictures of a royal means getting on something called the ‘Royal Rota’.  This means that I must share my photos with pretty much anyone who wants them for free.  I didn’t actually know about that part, so when I received a phone call from a third party this morning asking for all the photos, with a polite ‘we shan’t be paying thank-you-very-much’, I politely responded with a ‘no’.  A quick grumpy call to archant confirmed that indeed I must give away the pictures to all and sundry.

Chastened, I have since distributed accordingly.  Live and learn eh?