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Radical “Earth Preacher” Reverend Billy & the Stop Shopping Choir joined BP or Not BP in a powerful, choral ritual protest in response to BP’s sponsorship of the British Museum. Watched by hundreds of visitors, they sang to expose the irony of BP sponsoring the museum’s blockbuster exhibition ‘Scythians: Warriors of Ancient Siberia’ when – through its contribution to global warming – BP is endangering the very culture and archaeology it claims to support. Gold-painted limbs protruding from black bags evoking Scythian artefacts became a wave of oil that flowed out of the museum, accompanied the powerful sound of a protest gospel choir.

  “What do you call this? The fossil fuel companies and their speculators destroy our access to history while sponsoring its prestigious exhibition, and while directly endangering our future. It’s beyond ironical. It’s diabolical! BP is the Devil!”

~ Reverend Billy Talen